Bana is a character encounterd in Juicy Jungle.

aPEARance Edit

Bana is a yellow banana with a peeled top and an unpeeled end. it has a skirt in his unpeeled, and a bandage on his peeled. it has 2 peeled off skins at his side as arms.

Personality Edit

Bana is quite primitive, due to his episode appearance and his ninja form. he becomes angry when he can't go to the temple...or he is just trying to enter. technically, it is unknown what his personality is.

Qoutes Edit

  • "i can't go to the pyramid without a keycard...."
  • "thanks, papa pear!'

Wierd facts to blow you mind Edit

  1. bana was actually called "cuper", but the name was too wierd.
  2. in his old animation, he is wiggling laughing. but in his new animation, he shakes with a O-mouth
  3. King, the owner of all the saga games, Confirmed bana to be a ninja in the oct 2016 tournament of saga games.
  4. Bana can jump, even tough he has NO legs.