Carrot Caves is the 15th episode. it takes place in a cave.

Summary Edit

It takes place in a Grotto or Cave with ground stalgamites and ceiling stalgamites (only in background). it has red mushrooms and has cave pools.

King Description Edit

This is the first episode to take place INSIDE a place, so keep your head in the mining!-Dirk

Diffuculty Edit

This is a hard episode, but some player finds this episode easy. the Wood Cannons are like the Cauliflowers, however, this might be a Hard episode.

Story Edit

Before Episode Edit

Papa pear sees a carrot named Dirk with his helmet which generates no light anymore.

After Episode Edit

Papa pear uses the wrench to make the helmet generate light again.

Trivia Edit

  • According to king, this is the first episode to take place inside.
  • this is also the first medium-hard episode (wheat fields and greek peeks doesnt count).
  • the episode 15 is a refrence that a PP episode has always 15 levels.

refrences Edit

  • Dirk, the character, looks like the carrot veggie from farms heroes saga.
  • Carrot Cave is a similar catch phrase after giving a bunnny food: "here's a carrot cave!"
  • this might also sound like Carrot "Crave".