Dirk is a carrot encounterd in Carrot Caves

aPEARance Edit

Dirk is a orange carrot carrot with green hair under his blue helmet and up his blue helmet. he has light-brown eyes and red stipples on his body.

Personality Edit

Dirk is quite dumb, Since he only knows things in cave. he is afraid of bears, and likes bats. he doesnt like when his helmet generates no lights anymore.

King Description Edit

"Wow, look at this cute carrot. he isn't so small. he is dumb. resist him. he can only bare the bears.

Job Edit

Dirk's job is mining, but he is a bit clumsy when he thinks of other things (anime, food, ect.). after work, he relaxes in the cave's pool.

Relationships Edit

Piney Edit

dirk is affected by piney with her rings and bandage. she even tries to kiss her (and is never works.)

Leeky Edit

Dirk gets meditating lessons from Leeky, who is the teacher of Meditation Caves. But dirk thinks Leeky is legendary.

Papa Pear Edit

Dirk is best buds with Papa Pear, Helping him mine and does everything to ge the job keeped.

Episode Appearances Edit

Carrot Caves Edit

Before the episode, Papa Pear sees Dirk with a Broken Helmet. After the episode uses Papa Pear the Wrench to Fix the helmets light.

Casino Pear Edit

Dirk can be seen with other world 1-3 characters as cameo, leaving after the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • Dirk's name is reverse Krid, so that means that Dirk is a kid for some players.
  • in Dirk's animation, his helmet generates no more light, and he bounces, so the helmet makes light again.
  • this is the Second character to be in a Somewhat Hard episode.
  • Dirk is the family of Carrots, a long pin obstacle
  • Dirk wasnt always a miner.
  • and yes he became a miner at the age of 22