Flame is a pepper who is encounterd in Pepper Volcanoes.

story Edit

before episode: papa pear sees Flame with a broken Flamethrower.

After episode: Papa pear uses a wrench to fix Flames Flamthrower

apPEARance Edit

Flame is a green pepper with a mask with a orange lens. he has a belt with a flamethrower attached to it.

Personality Edit

Flame is quite cool, since his heart of flames can overpower his energy. he becomes sad when his flamethrower gets broken. his best friends are Cp. Coconut and Popoaro.

trivia Edit

  • Flame looks like the pepper from Pepper Panic
  • this is the first vegetable in the game. the other 3 ones are fruits.
  • peter piper picked the peper pipper.
  • his animation is just like Cp Coconut, but he bends when he jumps.