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Welcome to the Papa Pear Saga WikiEdit

This wiki is based on the Facebook game, Papa Pear Saga. Anyone can contribute to the wiki.

About Edit

Play Papa Pear Saga and enter the wacky world of the Papa Pears! In this bouncy online game you use the Papa Pears to light up the buckets. Bounce your way around the chilies, acorns and fruit. The more bounces you get the higher your score! BOING!

Goodbye! Papa pear Saga Wiki!Edit

Hello, in the sequel PPSW will be removed forever, it will be replaced with a FS.

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Under construction...

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Other Games
Active Saga games:

Active games:

Retired games:
  • Bubble Saga
  • Hoop De Loop Saga

  • King Gold Games
  • Mahjong Saga

  • Miner Speed
  • Puzzle Saga

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