25. Papasté

Containing levels: 361-375

Difficulty: Very Hard

Hardest Level: 375

Fruit: Peas

New Item: -

"Papasté" is the twenty-fifth episode of papa pear saga, and it was released on April 10 of 2014. It has 3 "lighting up the buckets" levels, 3 "fruit mode" levels, 4 "clearing a number of pins" levels, 2 "score" levels and 3 "collecting power-ups" levels. This episode, same as the previous one (Pearis, Je t'aime) has so many hard levels, most noticeably levels 363, 366, 368, 369, 370, 373 and 375. All of these 7 levels are very hard (especially level 375) and they can take many tries. Because of this fact, this episode is considered one of the hardest episodes of the game.

Next Episode: Pearple Swamp

Previous Episode: Pearis, Je t'aime

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