12. Pearthenon

Containing levels: 166-180

Difficulty: Hard

Hardest Level: 180

Fruit: Grapes

New Item: Water Lilly

Pearthenon is the twelfth episode of papa pear saga, and it was released on September 26 of 2013. It has 4 "lighting up the buckets" levels, 4 "fruit mode" levels, 2 "clearing a number of pins" levels, 2 "score" levels, and 3 "collecting power-ups" levels. This episode has mainly 4 hard levels: 169, 170, 177 and 180. Level 180 is a very tricky level. Besides, level 169 is also one of the very tricky ones. Because of these levesl, this episode is considered difficult, despite the fact it doesn't have that many hard levels.

It's the end of Phase 2. (Phases have 6 Episodes in it)

Next Episode: Wheat or Wheatout You

Previous Episode: Pearsylvania

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