Power-Ups Power-ups are the items in the game that often helps to boost your score. They can be created halfway through the game, present at the start of the level, or chosen before the start of a certain level.

Multiplier PinsEdit

They are created when all items of the same type (acorns, onions, carrots, etc) are destroyed. When a pear hits a multiplier pin, the points are doubled for every bounce. For the next multiplier pin will be tripled, followed by quadrupled, and so on. They are especially useful in points levels and power-up collection levels.

Double PinsEdit

They are created when a pear bounces on bucket rims five times. When a pear hits a double pin, a blue pear will be produced. If a papa grande or papa fire hits a double pin, the pear produced will be exactly the same, except for papa grande that the pear will be blue in color.

Big PapaEdit

Created when a pear is bounced fifty times before falling into buckets. The pear will grow into a large pear after hitting the pin. However, papa grande is deactivated when the large pear is stuck between pins that cannot be destroyed, such as bamboos and hazelnuts, hits an awake cactus or hits a bucket lid. A papa grande can remove two bucket lids.

Papa FireEdit

Created when a pear hits walls on both sides. Papa fire can burn those annoying cacti which deflates the pears when awake. Pears can bounce safely on burnt cacti. Papa fire can also burn lilies, which will no longer produce bubbles on contact, and pea pods. This booster is not recommended on levels that require you to remove peas in peapods as the pea pods will no longer produce peas after being burnt. It is highly recommended on levels with a lot of cacti.

Light UpEdit

Created when seven pears fall into already lit buckets. It can light up a bucket randomly even if it has lids. This booster can only be used on "light up the buckets" levels, and is recommended when all five buckets have completely intact lids that take three hits to destroy.